Vin Testa


Vin Testa is originally from Wallingford, CT, and has lived in the Washington, DC area since graduating from Salve Regina University in 2011. Vin is currently in his sixth year as a high school math teacher in the DC Public Schools system. In 2014, he earned his Master’s degree in Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities from American University. He has been on the Board of Directors for Dignity/Washington – the DC chapter of a national organization for LGBTQ Catholics, DignityUSA – since June 2014, served as Vice President from 2015-16, and was elected President of the organization in June 2016.

Terry Wildemann


Terry Wildemann integrates mind, body and spirit when coaching and facilitating her practical and real world professional development and business programs for intuitive leaders. An experienced entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, certified executive coach and bestselling author, Terry guides students to tap into their “inner business game” to bring out the best in themselves and their teams. The outcomes are evolved, competent, confident, credible and coherent influential leaders who operate on all cylinders. As a 20 year volunteer, Terry presented to over 11,000 transitioning military personnel.

Nikolai Blinow


Nikolai Blinow is a certified yoga instructor and licensed mental health counselor in the state of Rhode Island. She founded OMpowerment Psychotherapy with the goal of serving a unique niche in the mental health and personal development community. Nikolai integrates research-based Westernized, mental health practices with holistic approaches to treatment and does this by combining training in interpersonal communications and mental health counseling with yoga and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Jameson Chace


In addition to being an Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Jameson Chace also coordinates the interdisciplinary environmental studies major at Salve Regina. His research is based on creating opportunities for undergraduates to gain experiences in field ecology and environmental sciences. To that end, he has been awarded two NSF RI-EPSCoR grants related to marine response to climate change and the collaborative Northeast Water Regional Network (Rhode Island, Delaware and Vermont). He also maintains an active research program in hydroponics and in avian ecology. He is the author of 25 peer-reviewed papers and has given nine papers at national conferences in the past 10 years.

Dr. Craig A. Condella


Dr. Craig A. Condella, a graduate of Fordham University, is an Associate Professor at Salve Regina University in the Departments of Philosophy and of Cultural, Environmental, and Global Studies.  He is a Faculty Fellow in the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy and teaches regularly in the Humanities Doctoral program. His primary research interests are in the fields of environmental ethics, the philosophy of science and the philosophy of technology. His work in the philosophy of science has centered on evolution, exploring both the philosophical implications of human evolution as well as the scientific credibility of Darwin’s theory in contrast to theories of creationism and intelligent design. Finally, his work in the philosophy of technology, though rooted in Heidegger’s assessment of modern technological being, has more recently incorporated the works of Bernard Stiegler and Andrew Feenberg in considering how new technologies – such as the iPod and Facebook – are fundamentally transforming our relationships with each other and our perception of our own selves.

H. David Isherwood

David Isherwood

H. David Isherwood: David is currently an Adjunct Professor at Johnson and Wales University where he teaches in the Psychology Department.  He is also a mental health counselor working with the North American Family Institute in the Enhanced Outpatient Services, a service that provides in-home therapy for at risk children and their families.  David is a graduate of Salve Regina University and received a Masters in Holistic Counseling and a C.A.G.S. in Holistic Counseling and Holistic Leadership.  He completed a four year seminary program by extension through the University of the South.  He enjoys sailing, skiing, coffee shops, and, most of all, conversations.

Tina Melo


Tina Melo, is the founder of The Melo Project Runway For Youth 2014, a non-profit, Montessori infused educational Fashion Design program that empowers the youth.  Tina has spoken on behalf of all artists to pass a Bill in Rhode Island to become an Art Tax Free State. Tina received a Citation from The Rhode Island House Of Representatives as an advocate for Youth and is certified by Boston University as a paralegal.

As a former European Fashion Analyst of The Melo Reports and NY Fashion Designer. Tina began her career after receiving her BFA in Apparel Design from The Rhode Island School Of Design (RISD) in 1986.

Colleen Kelly Mellor

colleen mellor

Author and Op-Ed commentator, Colleen Kelly Mellor is the embodiment of her mantra: “We’re not done yet,” which calls for all to pursue their dreams, no matter their age. Kelly self-published her first two highly –acclaimed children’s books at the age of 67.

Colleen has published in the Wall St. Journal, Scripps-Howard, World News, and the Providence Journal, where she has a regular column and she motivates audiences to tap into their lifetime experiences and to go onto their next level in life.

Maryclare Heffernan


Raised in New Jersey in a family of artists, musicians, and good cooks Maryclare Heffernan was surrounded by design, experimentation, messy creativity and wonderful food. She loved watching the process of visual and performance art as both a spectator and critic.

Maryclare worked on her written word for years; fiction, essay and some non-fiction articles, all of which she occasionally got published. She eventually lived in New Hampshire. she was drawn to the lines and textures of art and the way human beings communicate their deepest feelings and desires in a painting of colors so rich and true.

Late in life, after her father passed away and she inherited many of his oil paints, brushes and mediums she started to paint. With the help of her artist sisters and other teachers she has tapped into a deep artery of possibility.

In addition, Maryclare has for the past 40 plus years worked in public schools as a teacher, administrator and consultant.

Scott Piltch


Coming from a background as a salesman for an industry-leading Leadership Development Company called the John Maxwell Team, Scott Piltch found himself living out his dream just a year and a half out of college. He was building all of the skills in business he desired, was thriving in his career, and living 5 blocks from the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Like anyone just starting their career, Scott had a level of the typical anxiety associated with wondering whether or not he was on the right path, with his career… but overall he was happy with where he was at. Looking around, seeing many people in the Millennial Generation dissatisfied and unhappy with their career trajectory, he started to do some research and dig in a little deeper to get an understanding as to what was going on.

Based on his research, Scott shares why so many Millennials are unhappy at work and what employers can do to better engage and support these employees to, ultimately, retain them as loyal employees to their companies.

Matthias Klettermayer


Matthias Klettermayer is Public Information Officer and focal point for communication and outreach in the Division for Sustainable Development, which is part of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. He regularly gives briefings on sustainable development issues, in particular on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Klettermayer is also involved in social media campaigns, press events and the production of promotional videos and news pieces that seek to increase understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation. He studied Communications Science and International Policy Analysis.

Jean-Victor Nkolo


Jean-Victor Nkolo has over 30 years of accomplished professional experience, with in-depth knowledge of international affairs focusing on peace and security and development issues.

He served as Spokesperson for three Presidents of the General Assembly and for the Security Council during several Council’s missions to Africa.  He maintains valuable relations with international institutions such as the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the League of Arab States, the Association of South Eastern Nations (ASEAN) and other regional organizations.

Jean-Victor held managerial positions in several UN peacekeeping missions handling refugees and humanitarian operations; Specialist in complex emergencies and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of former combatants. He held an extensive study and knowledge of conflicts covered for major international broadcasting corporations before joining the United Nations system in 1993. Solid track record and expertise in the fields of mass media, public information, public relations, resource mobilization, corporate and strategic communications.

In addition, Jean-Victor is a former international journalist and broadcaster (Radio Canada International, Radio Quebec TV, BBC World Service, Radio Netherlands International).He has valuable contacts with global media networks.